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Elementary Classroom

Peter Liljedahl's Research on Teaching Through Problem Solving

Developing a Thinking Classroom

"What was missing for these students, and their teachers, was a central focus in mathematics on thinking. The realization that this was absent in so many classrooms that I visited motivated me to find a way to build, within these same classrooms, a culture of thinking, both for the student and the teachers. I wanted to build, what I now call, a thinking classroom – a classroom that is not only conducive to thinking but also occasions thinking, a space that is inhabited by thinking individuals as well as individuals thinking collectively, learning together, and constructing knowledge and understanding through activity and discussion." 

Peter Liljedahl, Simon Fraser University, Canada


Learning Pod

Developing Additive and Multiplicative Reasoning

Additive Reading Extras

Multiplicative Reasoning Extras

Male Teacher with Students

Professional Development. Workshops. Presentations.

​​Celebrating 100 Years with Big Beautiful Problems (Grades 6–8) - Alicia Burdess and Jessie Shirley
100 Days of Professional Learning, Online with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Big Beautiful Problems can be life-changing for teachers and students alike as they show how math becomes alive and is connected to our world. See how much fun math can be as we get caught up in the challenge, excitement, and flow of learning. Deepen your skills, confidence, and joy as we experience and explore some of our favorite problems.

Teaching Math Through Problem Solving in a
Thinking Classroom Online
Mighty Peace 2020
Mathematical Playground Problems
Where Are All of the
Beautiful Problems?
MCATA 2019
Big Beautiful Problems
Geeks Unite 
Teaching Middle School Math 2018
La  Numeratie.
St. Gerard - Francais
Numeracy in GPCSD 2007-2018
Teaching Through Problems Worth Solving Mighty Peace 2018
Early Numeracy 2017
Afternoon at Holy Cross
A Conversation 
About Math 2018

Friday afternoon MATH fun with Kateri 2016

Final Cass Math 2015

Problem Solving in STM 2018

Problem Solving at Kateri 2016

Grade 123 New Teachers Day 2018

Mathematics Teaching and Learning at St. Mary Beaverlodge 2016

Admin. Assoc. Mtg. 2015

Diehard Jug Problem

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Additive and Multiplicative Reasoning 

Additive Reasoning

Additive Reasoning Extras

Multiplicative Reasoning

Multiplicative Reasoning Extras

Professional Development

PD Friday 2016

PD Friday St. Joe's 2016

PD Friday 2017

Mathematics Teaching and Learning at Ste. Marie 2017

PD Friday St. Mary Beaverlodge 2016

Numeracy with Admin GPCSD 2017

Problem Solving at Mother Teresa 2016

Mathematical challenges for able pupils all ages in Key Stages 1 and 2

Square Stage

Teaching Through Problems Worth Solving In A Thinking Classroom

Inquiry-based, Curriculum-linked, Differentiated Math Problems for Grade 2

Inquiry-based, Curriculum-linked, Differentiated Math Problems for Grade 3

Inquiry-based, Curriculum-linked, Differentiated Math Problems for Grade 8 Version 3.0

Numeracy Leadership Group - Building Capacity in our Schools

More Learning and Problem Solving with the Numeracy Leadership Group

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Research and Articles

Visibly Random Groups
Building Thinking Classroom
Four Purposes of Assessment
Peter Liljedahl Research - Now You Try One
Peter Liljedahl Research -Homework

Learning, Teaching, and Loving Math - BOOKS TO READ

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